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Same Day Dentistry (E4D Machine)

by Erich Shrefler

Do you often wonder why, in todayís modern world, some dental procedures take so long to complete? Do you wish that you could get everything finished in just one office visit?

Fortunately, one of the most exciting developments in dentistry today is the innovative E4D Dentistry System, also called Same Day Dentistry. With cutting edge, clinically tested technology and high quality materials, the E4D system allows your cosmetic dentist to complete cracked, chipped or decayed tooth restoration procedures, such as dental crowns or porcelain veneers, in just one appointment. With conventional dentistry, these types of procedures can take two or three appointments to complete.

How the Same Day Dentistry System Works

The Same Day Dentistry system includes a series of actions, all of which can take place quickly and efficiently while you are in the dental chair:

  • Your dentist will prepare your affected tooth for your procedure, removing all tartar buildup and decay.

  • Your tooth is then scanned and a digital, 3D image is created.

  • While you look on, your cosmetic dentist will then design, via advanced computer technology, a final restoration (such as a crown) from the scanned images and the exact measurements taken from the scan.

  • The virtual design is then sent through a wireless connection to an in-office milling station. In traditional dentistry, an impression of your tooth would have been taken and the mold sent off to an external laboratory. Often, it takes up to six weeks to return the restoration piece.

  • With the E4D machine right in your dentistís office, your metal-free, compressed porcelain restoration can be ready in less than 30 minutes.

  • Your dentist will polish and make sure the restoration matches the color of your natural teeth.

  • The restoration is then placed and cemented in your mouth.

The entire process takes no more than three hours, from start to finish, for one tooth.

Benefits of the E4D System

The E4D system offers the following benefits:

  • You do not have to wear a temporary restoration while you wait for the permanent one to come back from a lab.

  • You spend less time at the dentist and less time away from work and daily life.
    Since your restoration is designed digitally, you do not have to deal with messy impressions that can cause discomfort.

  • You enjoy fewer numbing shots, since there is no need for an additional appointment to complete the work.

  • The E4D machine makes restorations out of compressed porcelain, which is stronger than traditional ones, which are made out of layered porcelain.

  • (Randy Alvarez in The Wellness Hour talks about Same Day Dentistry)